Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Supposedly,  I have to ask the manager every time I want to make tooling. However, my views or enthusiasm do not always guarantee I’ll get permission, wich annoys me somewhat.

The thing is…what if I just don’t ask? If I don’t get caught all is fine and dandy. And if I get caught, well…that’s life for you.

So, what’s the deal?

Well, we have these boards wich require three handed testing. You must probe a frequency in a coil, probe a voltage drop in a resistor AND also provide power to the board. We have gotten away without a tool in a two step test because there where not many boards to test (100…200).
However, a big order came in and I was just not in the mood to spend that much time in 2000 boards.

Meet “Poggy” (from pogo-pins)


The green piece is a general test tool to provide power to boards, hence the alligator clip and not a soldered wire for “Poggy”. Before you ask, yes, I used a cheap probe to connect it to the oscilloscope, however, I was in a rush, so I did not add a resistor or any other means of impedance match. Luckily it worked enough to see the frequency altough the waveform was a bit distorted. (next time we test I’ll screensht a tool test vs a probe test to see how much the waveform is distorted).

Anyhow, it sorta works, so we’re fine. And it boosted test speed by 2.5 times, wich granted a presidential pardon once the manager found out.
Story went like this:

Me – “Look, it goes more than twice as fast, you like it?”
Manager – “Then why didn’t you made two?” (it was a two person team)
Me – “Cos I didn’t ask for permission, so wasn’t going to risk you stopping me”
Manager – “Right, you should have asked” [frowns]
Me – “You might have said no, PLUS it’s more than twice as fast”
Manager – “that’s not the point…”
Me – “Yadda yadda yadda, TWICE AS FAST” (yup, I actually “yaddaed” him)
Manager – “Oh, fuck off, go make another one so we have two”
Me – “Yessir!” [military salute]

I just can’t avoid doing these things, it’s just personal.

Also, here’s how it works (as if there was any mistery to it):


Aaaand, that’s it!


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