Intermission: Brainfart.

I like science fiction (typo was going to say “fucktion”, wich I find hilarious). Where was I, oh, yes, I was saying I like Sci-Fi, also, I suck at strategy games…I just don’t have the pacience for it. So imagine my oniric surprise, when, dreaming who knows what, the following occurs:

At some point in the dream, I am going to play some strategy game, wich, well, it’s fine if I have nothing else to do. So, the empty surface of the playing area sits in front of me, and out of no where, and totally ignoring all I know about these games, I cast a space warship, wich enters the battlefield from one side and proceeds to bombard an advanced post the computer has just built.

By now, since I have mentioned I like Sci-Fi the most, you can imagine what game I was gonna play, and so did I…but funny thing, this brain of me. As I am about to build some barracks or whatever structure to have soldiers, I find out I am, in fact, playing some medieval strategy game…and I go “WTF…no, seriously…What THE…”

Dear brain, If I must have to play, at least let me play STARCRAFT…

…WARCRAFT is NOT the same, you should know, really.

While I am pondering what the fuck I am doing, the computer raids my base with axe throwing mobs. ALSO, one of those, tries to sneak in the base, prone crawling, wearing Fallout’s Vault jumpsuit (number “III” (very pixelated 111), I suppose because F.4 is due really soon).

And there, I just go:

-“No, seriously, fuck this, I’m not going to lucid dream some warcraft-ish game, especially against a computer”

And decided to woke up (inside the dream), and so, I woke, and decided to write it.

As you can see, this is by far the STUPIDEST dream I have ever had, e-ver. Well done, my dear grey matter, well done.

Back to bed it is.

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