The Machinist, episode 0: Tango for two.

And so, it begins…

Just test fitting one of the two (or three) SMT lines we will have, for the electricians to make the apropriate connections. Won’t be filming that or the enclosure build, because I’ll be busy working, but you’ll have full coverage of the real fitting, starting and everything else of the machines. Enjoy! (XD)

What we’re moving (in order of appearance):

  1. Solder paste dispenser.
  2. Vacuum cleaner.
  3. (set aside) dual stacker for the yAOI* machine.
  4. Destacker. Dual operation, from rack or bare board stack.
  5. Conveyor, (1m).
  6. Pick and place unit. (six nozzles, up to 10.000 components/hour).
  7. Conveyor (just 3 frames, 50cm).
  8. (set aside) yAOI machine.
  9.  Second pick and place unit.
  10. (set aside) dessicator chamber for component storage.
  11. /TOP SECRET/
  12. Oven (5meters)
  13. Stacker (board line to rack)
  14. yAOI destacker.
  15. yAOI machine. Artificial vision board inspection. (it’s AOI, but I have added the “y” for fun, look it up)
  16. yAOI stacker, dual rack (good and rejected boards)

smt line

After that, we moved one pick and place to check for spacing for a second line, or even a third, that has to be decided.

As you can see, there are no special crews or anything like that to assemble the machines. Just two guys moving the machines they will be operating (that’s my boss, by the way, as you can see, he did as much work as I)

Look for the tag #The-Machinist to see the complete series once it has more than one episode.

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