The hard truth. (1 of 2)

I broke the laser tube.


…did it, again.

On my defense I’d like to point that I had slept like 2 + 2 hours in 72 hours prior to the incident, wich happened at about 4a.m. in the morning, 6 hours before Eurosteamcon 2015.
Now you know that the posts tittled “Busy” and “Even more busy” were not jokes. I kept awake with caffeinated cola (I don’t drink coffee, nor red bull or monster or similar) and sheer willpower, altough it did prove not to be enough as to keep me from making a very bad, unwise and really stupid decision.

Because, you know, learning from the past, as I rushed to install the new laser tube, I didn’t had time to attach the flow meter, so I decided that the water pump had to stay ON if the machine was on, and viceversa. Easily enough, I connected everything to the same multi-socket. And everything was fine.

My prior experience in sleep depravation never exceeded 36/40 hours, and I wasn’t as stressed. Wrongly, I decided I could go for 72 no problem.

So, as I was working against the clock in the final hours before opening, I had left behind the MP3 I had been wearing nonstop while working on the lathe and mill. I had the [laser] machine powered, but not doing anything while I was using the drum sander. Instead of picking up another multi-socket, I connected the sander to the same sockets as the laser and water pump. And here is the fatal moment. The water pump, wich usually is very quiet and doesn’t disturb me at all, started to make my nerves cringe. It became so annoying I just had to get rid of it. However, I was using the multi-socket for the drum sander, so I couldn’t just stop everything…and what did I do?…just disconnected the water pump.


In retrospective, I just can’t remember turning it off…so, obviously, I just had no clue it was stopped. To me, machine ON = waterpump ON…and that was it.

And just like that, I just broke my second laser tube.

As I write this, I am waiting for a new one, wich should arrive in a week or so.

The good thing? I happen to have some extra bits I want to install in it, and since I don’t have to worry about disturbing anything, I can work calmer than ever.

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