The Machinist, episode 0.5: Ad Hoc

Finally, something worth writing!

So, I’ve been away from work for some days, helping finish prototypes before we actually move the rest of the machines to their new home.
While I was hand pick&placing, my future boss was screwing around with a new board in the assembly line. It had a DIL16 dip switch wich instead of coming in reel, came in tubes. That’s a very unfriendly packaging for vibratory feeders, so he decided to mount them by hand just before the oven.

That was yesterday.

However, today he was overwhelmed with work and just couldn’t attend the machine long enough for the line to work at speed. And thus, my moment to shine bright [like a diamond] came.

For a packing tube, it really had a weird inside shape, wich made it difficult to simply bend or tweak. It had too much height and empty space underneath the component, and also, guides inside wich prevented the component to be lifted up easily.


After cutting, there was not much tube left, just a bit of sidewall and lower lip to guide the components.

Aaaand it sorta worked. Had to tweak it a few times, but worked reliably enough after all:


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