The Machinist, episode 0.75: Conveyor sort of maintenance.

Have you ever seen the insides of a conveyor? I guess not.

Also, me neither.


So, while cleaning some older machines prior to moving them, my future boss politely asked me if I felt able to change some pushbuttons (because it involved actual soldering)… O_o

Really? what do you think I do for a living, man? two-handed ballscratching?

Those are the reasons for pushbutton (and/or pilot lights) replacement. They where mostly broken everywhere.


Victory for the impracticality. Switch body and switch contacts can’t be separated, that means you must cut the whires (identify them first!), push them (wires) through the hole and then, as best as you can, solder them to the switch. Try not to forget the retaining nut!


They pack really unusual leds. They pack seven (7!) leds in the same body. I kept the old ones, so I’ll be able to test them in another post.


Also, helped change some old and battered shock absorbers:


Aaaand that’s how I spent a day in an SMT line.

It’ll get interesting soon, I suppose.




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