Thoughts sharing 001: Haptic Illiteracy

Today I was buying groceries. Among them, a melon (elven for friend, you know). Since it is a self-service section I had to weigh it to get it priced (and barcoded). A (foreign, more on that later) woman was weighing some cucumbers in front of me.

She kept gently clicking the resistive screen like it was a tablet, however TPV’s (selling stations) mostly use resistive screens, wich are immune to water droplets and similars, but, as you know require a noticeable amount of pressure to properly work. Obviously, the screen didn’t respond to her commands, and altough I tried to say to her that it required more force, she didn’t understand me.

Only after a minute or so of OCD screen pressing, she did manage to exert enough force to trigger it, Then proceeded to repeat the process in the second menu. ¬¬

It was one similar to this one.

The thing is, once she had finally got her item priced and was leaving, told me: -“doesn’t work very well [the scale]”. Her face was priceless when she saw me troublefree getting my melon pricing.
And I wonder, she was probably around my age (34) so she has had to have seen and used resistive touchscreens before.

Maybe it’s me that I can clearly see the diference between a resistive and a capacitive screen (one is somewhat foggy and plasticky, whereas the other is more or less just a glass. But still makes me think at wich point do we forget how previous technologies work.

BTW, my melon was 3€ and 27 cents.

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