The Semiconductor Pirate and the Electronic Silvermine.

Would have liked to ouse the name “Goldmine”, but that might have proven too “referency” of a certain very successful outlet and secondhand business, wich unfortunately charges outrageous amounts in shipping to my country.

Well, so, what am I talking about?



Looks like shit, I know, however, let me tell you the song of my people story:

Half of the machines we have belong to my (direct) boss, so we had to move them from his old job to the new workshop. Among other things, he had a full palet with old who-knows-what lying around, wich we also brought with us.

The thing is, the palet, is full of semiconductors, conectors and whatnot to the brim. If he did want to sell it, he might be able to get a pinch, but he already has enough work to worry about selling it. So what did he do? The next best thing…

…allow me to ransack it till I burst…(or I can’t enter my own home).

So, what am I gonna do? two or three times a week I will show what I could fit in my backpack (I get back home by bike, so I can’t carry much) If someone has a good reason for having something from the loot (single items don’t count), ask nicely (pay postage) and will be yours.

With further ado, here’s what I got today:


A single barcode scanner to play with:


10x – Synchronous buck regulator 2.5A (datashit)


10x – Registered Hex PECL/TTL Translator (datashit)


30x – Quad 2-input positive NAND buffers with Open-Collector outputs (datashit)


20x – 3 bit differential flip-flop (datashit)


150x – XILINX XC4013 FPGAs  (1368 logic cells, CLB matrix 24×24, I/O – 192) I do have some plans for these, but if anyone can help me getting started into FPGA’s, I can surely share a decent amount.


ARRRRRRRRRRRR, we got a decent loot today, my lads!

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