The Machinist, episode 0.90: Bored @ Work

There is a point of boredom, when I just have to do some silly or weird thing…I…just need to let some steam out. (plus, we had to stop working because some workers where installing vents, or electrical conduits or whatever…)

So, this whatsshappened*:

Best part? I did this not notticing that the main engineer was looking at me…when I turned after hitting stop…his face was just “…WTF?!?!?!…”(because well, that’s me menacing to hit a 100.000€ machine with a Stilson wrench.) and I just looked at him to the eye and shrugged a “dare to say something…”

And he didn’t, of course, they already know I’m nuts.

*Yup, that’s the nonexistent word meaning I recorded that for the lulz on my electronics-friends group.

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