The Machinist, episode 1: Sit straight, bitch!

And here we are, finally, some real machinist work.

Once the machines had been positioned using the string guide, it was time to fine tune their alignment. We’re talking about -+0.3mm here, so, not that much really.

One might thought that these kind of machines should have some kind of mechanical link to actually bring them together and make the rails run true, however, nothing is as far from reality as that thought.

Conveyors weigh nothing, so, no help in the not-displacing department (more on that on another post), and a pallet truck for the heavier ones just doesn’t move them absolutely vertically. You have to lift, bump, drop, check repeat. Anyhow, we managed to achieve said required precision…more or less:

We have to ensure angular alginment too, not just belt offset, so we tape two big boards together to have a really long guide, and handling it down the route, you can feel if it snags somewhere, and act acordingly.

It’s fun, it’s satisfying, and above else, it’s not lying in the really cold ground, wrenching alignment over and over again. (we have readied one line only, so I still have ground work to do in the near future.

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