U hungry?

Reel feeders, what the heck do they have inside?

This is just one type in the feeder world. I will photograph the pneumatic ones when we get to use them.

And, what does a feeder do?

Sorry for the background sound, it’s a portable generator we’re using while the electric company decides wether or not to provide power to our machines.

When the feeder nozzle picks a part, it briefly interrupts an opto switch. Once the interrupt is gone, it advances a piece. It doesn’t actually know what the piece spacing is, you have to program it (via button presses) to set both step and fine tuning the center.
Part centering is only critical as small as the part goes, but not for the machine itself to pick it up, you can adjust pickpoint as you please from the GUI, but if you wander too far, the pick won’t trip the optoswitch, and hence, not advance a part, generating an error (vaccum error I think, will check tomorrow)

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