Rule 34 (II)

You know a job is fun, when the SO8 chips have an orgy at the vibratory feeder:


Nope, vibratory feeders are not that great. Especially with short chips, wich have the bad habit of flipping in the seat and then get pushed to the wall by the whole chip column (80+ chips).
Here’s how it looks like on the inspection-cam:


Yes, that’s as good as it gets on the small viewport. (keep in mind that machine has 20+ years). At one point I’m going to fiddle with the camera options to get a clearer picture, if possible.

As of the Machinist posts, I am really enjoying this job, altough it has odd working hours, (at least the first six months, I have been told). The good points is that it’s not as boring as some people tried to sell it to me, or at least I don’t find it boring. The bad points is that I have sort-of a coworker, wich altough not being near a pain in the ass as Dumbassy’s, it has the bad habit of lying to me in some sort of trying-to-impress way. He also learns quite slowly (he’s 20+ years older than me) wich gets to my nerves…but that’s life for you.

As for documenting, I haven’t found my go-pro mounts yet, but don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything especially interesting.

Also, my boss let’s me play around, so, can’t complain in that area. I don’t doubt he will allow me to assemble my own boards too. (in my own time, I mean)

I can (hardly) live with that, at least for now.

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