The Machinist, episode 5: Encore

It was clear that my boss hadn’t understood what I meant yesterday (or I wasn’t clear enough), so it was obvious I had to explain myself better.

Me – “Good morning boss”
Boss – “Good morning”
Me – “You know yesterday’s talk? I think I didnt explain myself well”
Boss – “…do explain…” /puzzled face/
Me – /add excerpts of previous post, making it a nice explanation withouth the harsh words/
Boss – “Ah, I did understood you then, you have the same answer, It’s fine, don’t worry”
Me – “But…but…you need someone who is going to do all that overtime…” (remember I’m insane)
Boss – “I’ll find a solution”
Me – “Find someone you like and I’ll train him with everything you have taught me, then [fire me, so I get my unemployment checks] I’ll find my way”
Boss – /dafuk face/ “O no, now you don’t get me, the overtime is my problem to solve, you [have done enough] just do your normal shift, it’s fine” (Basically the usual job I know, normal shifts with some overtime once in a while, the usual wich I don’t mind to do, not the life-killing I’ve been doing)
Me – “Eh……..” /gets so puzzled that goes back to work/

All my life I have stated that my employment record doesn’t have any connection with reality. If we don’t take into account the past four or five months, I live in a world where a job is something you eagerly wake up to, enjoy the day (with normal ups and downs) and after a periodic while, they even give you money!, and extra work means extra money too!.

This morning I was all in about opting-out of my job, brain racing into the mindset of what machines to sell (3D printer), what services to cancel (internet) and planning an ultraconservative way of life to maximize job-finding time, grinding to a halt with a really loud screeching sound, while on the dashboard blinks the message:


As it seems, my employment life-train still runs on rainbow tracks and gets fueled by unicorn shit.


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