The Machinist, episode 6: Third time’s the charm.

This morning, apparently, all the whole idea of me not doing overtime finally sank in with my boss. He had a meeting with our parent company, and it seemed they agreed that an effort was needed. Yeah, because all these months I have been scratching my belly, right? Anyhow, I got to say “I told you [you need someone who’s going to overtime to death, still not me anymore].

I quickly checked that my previous manager still had a place for me in his heart, and basically didn’t give in at the “then [if you don’t overtime] we have a problem” (spoken in a friendly way, not menacing). Since, as said, I’m imprevious to any kind of coercion, as I’ve done way more than enough, I just agreed on his problem and kept working.

Some time later, the Paying Boss from the parent company came to see me. We had a friendly chat, and basically wanted to know what the matter was. He was relieved to hear that I just was done overtiming, but still loved the job. He even agreed that being in my position, he would have made the same decision. I made clear I was ready to be fired, after training my substitute, idea that was met with horror by him. He just won’t let me go, I guess.

So, he wondered if I would agree to continue in an afternoon shift (if multiple shifts where to be created), at wich point I made clear I had no problem with rotating shifts, wich seemed fine and logical to him. Of course, he still had to ask if I would do some overtime once in a while, if needed, that received a sincere “Of course, I have no problem with that, and you ought to know”.

I certainly live in strange and adventurous job-keeping times.

3 responses to “The Machinist, episode 6: Third time’s the charm.

  1. I just went through your story. I’m glad it all worked out in the end – That’s what I read from it anyway :)
    Being at work should be enjoyful and you should always have the time to be creative and curious. Also at work.
    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards, Your friendly long-distance stalker :P (feeling that way because I read all your posts!)

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