Up to a point (To kill a laserbird,4 of X)

So, I had made these flimsy adjustable supports out of M4 hardware (except for the drilled tube, I had to thread M3 pcb supports into the bigger M4, not that complicated, but required an extra long tap to do so.

However, they didn’t work all that well, you could not really adjust them with the piece on, since the extra area avaliable upgrade left just about 1cm between the maximum area and the gantry support, so I can’t fit my hand around it anymore. So, It was time to do some properly adjustable supports that would be:

  1. Beefier.
  2. Adjustable from the underside of the machine.
  3. End in a sharp point to grab the piece.

And this is what I made, sorry, no machining pics, but they’re pretty simple:


A different shot:


M5 threaded brass rod, into 14mm Ø  mild steel support, threaded for an M10 nut to hold it in place. There is no real comparison to be made, as the first one is just shit. XD

In retrospective, I might have had to make some more instead of just four, to hold smaller pieces in place, but that’s something I can live with, using an extra plate to support the small piece.

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