The Ideas Factory. (Jingle Bell Labs)

So, what have I been up to?
Well, as I mentioned before, I was moving location, and indeed I did. An important part is that It wasn’t me alone, I was a package comprised of a man and a workshop, so here’s the interesting bits:

Just after arriving:

Making bases for the Mill and Lathe. (75kg of cement + 4cm thick foam insulation)

Positioning mill before sliding it into place:

Mill in final position, before tramming vertical column and inserting head:

Lathe, minus carriage and tailstock:

Computer table (also mill head on the bottom right   XD ) :

Adding wheels to the table so I can access the bandsaw:

Assembling the electronics table:

Avengers assembled!

Laser tetris:

Sideview of the laser tetris.

Preparing the air extraction for the laser:

Convoluted air path:

Cleaning the inside of the tubes from unneded joint supports:

Mockup of it’s placement:

Heat formed pvc linkages for the extractor:

Rubberized wood support for the fan, it goes into the window well:


Custom tool to dismantle power strips:

Power strip modding to make them wall mounted, for M4 nylon screws:

M4 threading:

Temporary metal screws while waiting for the nylon replacements:

Preparing electrical distribution, 16mm PVC tubing, gray boxes, 2,5mm2 cable:

Power connection on the cheap:

Welding cart:

Welding shelves for the electronics table:

Yeah, that’s space saving, baby!

Lighting, because of productivity reasons:

Materials shelf:

Router water cooling, hidden underneath a corner table:

Humidity protection for the table top:

Router casing and placement:

Noise isolation:

Lighting distribution casing:

Bluetooth relay board:

Power connections inside the box:

Welded and trimmed:

Light control APP testing, custom raped from an open source bluetooth SPP app, using android studio:

Sort of final layout:

And here it is in all it’s splendor:

I’m quite happy with it, altough some more meters would be nice, it’s way better than what I had back in the old home. It allows for so much more and direct applied creativity…you’ll see, soon ^^

Up Next:

What has been sidetracking me:

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