Saw. (I want to cut a game).

Do you own a cheap metal bandsaw?

Let me guess…You hate to manually adjust the cutting angle in the clamp, right?
Me too. It is a hassle, and unless you spend a considerable amount of time setting up, it won’t be spot on, and sure enough, you will have to switch between angles amidst job, ruining the setup. Also, the clamp will move under pressure no matter how much you tighten it up, making a mess without you knowing.

Here’s what I did:

1.- Spend the necessary amount of time setting up my 90º angle. Tighten like there is no tomorrow.

2.- Drill, and ream to a hardened pin.

3.- Repeat for other angles (22,5º for a compound 45º, and 45º)

4.- Enjoy cutting.

The pin will fall down if left unattended, I have a pastic sleeve on it’s top, to prevent it from falling through.

Be careful where you drill, not all angles will have enough material underneath to support a pin, or they might be too thick. Either way, 90º-45º-22,5º should suffice for most jobs.

See ya!

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