Semiconductors @ Home

Well, for some it was obvious, anf if not, well, now you know.
For a while I’ve been hiding the real purpose of my latest projects, why? Because I didn’t want to be laughed at, because of my somewhat low tech setup and such. But since I was told to sign up my project in the Hackaday 2018 Price, there is no much point denying what I am really doing, also, I can’t update anymore without it being obvious (like building a tubular oven) XD

The project page is here:

If you want to drop a like for the project, that would be awesome, if not, that’s awesome too!

Project status:

  1. Sputtering setup: Working, waiting for some parts for better performance, but it’s done.
  2. Tubular oven: Already ordered all the parts I need, waiting for them to arrive and start building.
  3. Fume Hood: In planing, should be fairly easy to build.
  4. Safety: Sourced nitrile gloves and Calcium gluconate. Also designing my own HDPE tweezers (because I can)
  5. Semiconductor components: Sourced all the acids needed, wafers should not be difficult to obtain online.

And now, some beauty shots, because yes:

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