In the aftermath of the oil backstream, I finally set myself to give some attention to the pneumatic HVAC valve I had bought. I found this one on ebay for cheap, it was 1/3 the price of any other mechanical valve, and I figured it would not be that difficult to operate.

As I have mentioned before, from time to time, I binge-buy parts, just in case. Here, my pneumatics tray, with couplers, pressure reducers, pneumatic switces, one way valves, Y splitters and miniature manometers. Half are RC supplies and half have industrial origins.

I also had this cheap diaphragm pneumatic pump, wich, combined with some of the tray elements and spare parts from my RC  drawer, amount for a standalone pneumatic system:

Max pressure is 2 BAR, enough to operate the valve. I added a miniature reservoir so the pump only has to run briefly at machine start-up. The valve is a VM1000-4NU-00 pneumatic microswitch. (a lucky find allowed me to buy 8 of those very cheap, normally they are kidney-expensive)

The Y splitter, reservoir and manometer, are all RC air retract parts. As a bonus, here you have an X-ray of the manometer and microswitch (from my dead chanel X-Ray playground):

Once all the pieces for the control panel arrive, I’ll install the whole pneumatic circuit too.

See ya!

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