Bad hair day.

Remember the other day’s mishap?

Well, that wasn’t the end of it. I got it soaking in kerosene all night, ensuring that the tube was well rinsed in it.

The next day, I gave it a very hot water rinse, followed by a two day drying period.

Aaaand…well, that surely wasnt enough, because on the first run, it fucked up my pump’s oil. The tube gor freezing cold, the oil got milky white, and the vacuum was only 1300 microns. So…that was not good enough cleaning, I guess.

Obviously, something was evaporating quite vigorously. Being a corrugated tube one should not dismiss it’s big surface area and crannies trapping moisture and water. In the end, I figured that whatever was in there, had evaporated into the pump’s oil, so it was good to go.

Changed the oil and…

Well, fucked up again. Whatever was in the tube, there still remained a lot AND, being left cold before, probably didn’t help. I uttered some NSFW words and then proceeded to evacuate all the oil in the pump, AGAIN.

Before leaving the pump, I filled the vane chamber with clean oil and ran it brefly (2 o 3 seconds), so whatever was left from the oil foam from before, was ejected out with clean oil. I then left the pump alone (having to wait a week for the oil to arrive, as I did not expect to run down my two new oil bottles in a row) and concentrated in the culprit (the tube, not me, XD!)

First I gave it a weekend fill with KH7 degreaser with both ends covered:

Afterwards, a hot water cleaning, then a vigorous shake with a half fill of isopropyl alcohol, followed by a blowout with compressed air.

Since I wasn’t still sure about it’s dryness, I hooked my shopvac to one of it’s ends with my hand, more or less like this, with mi fingers closing the gaps:


Lo and behold, the tube got cold. Not freezing cold, but noticeably nonetheless. So, I alternatively hooked the vacuum on either of it’s ends until the tube remained at room temperature.

AND then, toasted it a bit with my heat gun at mid power.

I’m sure there are proper written down procedures for this but I haven’t found any, altough seriously, If the tube is not clean after this, I’ll buy a new one. :S

See ya!

Follow up:

Yes. It worked, the pump/chamber/various tubes reached 111 microns before I decided the oil in the pump was too hot. I might cool it down somehow in the future to see how low it can go.

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