The hunt for Pump October.

If not for the help of Niklas Fauth the race for the turbopump wouldn’t have happened. (all turbo maintenance and repair performed by him too)

As the building of the diffusion pump came to a screetching halt because my TIG welder can’t weld 0,25mm stainless steel, a brainstorming session was held, to decide if further continue with the diffusion pump, or employ the money and time to try to obtain a turbopump.

This model was found on ebay, bid on it and obtained at an amazing price. The ad mentioned it was removed working, and had a return guarantee of 30 days, so we had nothing to loose.

Upon arrival tough, The serial comunications controller was fried, so the driver had to be hacked, altough all monitoring of the pump was lost.

Furthermore, it did not reach full speed, so a dissasemble was in order:

This pump had obviously had a crash. The blades where dented and:

That amount of gunk should not be in a turbo…

After cleaning tough, the pump worked as well as a dented turbo can do (wich should suffice for my needs).

And this, kids, is how I got a turbopump.

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