The Project is finished! A sort-of-proof has been made:

(Diode-ish behaviour in a home doped silicon shard)

The documentation is done. Two books have been written. (well, more like one book and a phamphlet):

Semiconductors @ Home – Compendium!

(a knowledge gathering on all the machines and accesories built for the project)


Semiconductors @ Home – Cookbook!

(a step by step guide to use said machines, or similar, to make the semiconductors. A work in progress, updated often.

A video resume for the project has also been made:

I will be attending the Hackaday Superconference in November 2-5, and will be at the Poster sessions (think of a grown-up science fair) on Friday 2nd, in some obscure corner I pressume.

I will sit beside this poster and bore people to death about all the tooling.

And that’s it for now. Once I come back from the Superconference, posts should resume as “normal”.
See ya!

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