Who The Fuck Even Reads This.

Some background music, because I can:

So, what have I been up to?

Not much, really.

Got a good job, learned to survive in Arduino IDE on STM32, Opened a Discord chatroom about Semiconductors and bought a workshop bigger than my old home.

—— Work ——

So I got into a research and developement position on a trucking company of sorts. At first I was supposed to just repair messed up things from the monkeys they have as employees. However it quickly became a position where I have to basically supervise manual mechanical fabrication AND develop control circuitry and whatnot to drive it.

I can’t really show you what I’m doing because altough I haven’t actually signed an NDA, it would just tell the world what my boss wants to do, so better not to blow the whistle, right?

 —— Coding ——

Funnily enough, just before I got called from the job I do now, I had decided I wanted to give a try at coding again. However, I felt that the PIC16F873 I was using, was long past it’s prime time and better coding IDE’s and microcontrollers should be avaliable.

After inquiring on twitter, it was clear that STM32 was the new way to go. However, as my coding has always sucked, I asked if Arduino IDE (wich I had in mind it was some sort of block coding like LEGO mindstorms) and everyone told me it was a good approach with my limitations. I could always jump to something else more complex if I outgrew that.

So I am happy to say I do defend myself quite well on Arduino IDE. It makes for certain things to be soooooooooo damn easy (I’m looking at you, I2C! ¬¬ ) I feel very empowered. With the knowledge I carried from PIC and Microchip IDE, I found very easy to do the things that where just so damn complex before. Now I can reach serial comunication, wireless comunication, and quickly program things I only dreamt before (I’m still not a genius coder, do not expect that).

—— Discord ——

So, after Twitter showed it’s limitations as chatroom, I was shown The Discworld Discord. I quickly grew fond of it, but my semiconductors interest was limited by the control others had of their chats, and with that, I decided to have my own playground to share that:

You are welcome to join, but remember, it’s extremely semiconductor specific. There are other Discords for more general chat. (not that that is forbidden, just that the topic is very particular)

—— Workshop ——

001 (2)

TOP: From the middle to the entrance.

BOTTOM: From the center to the back:

002 (2)

Long workshop is long.
Measuring about 25m in lenght (yes, that’s fucking long) by about 3m wide. (with width variations along the rigth lenght, but one flat-ish wall to the left. That gives 78sqm of my own personal space, but the best part is that it has installed a mezzanine of about 40sqm more.

AND I always have wanted a workshop with a mezzanine.

I do have literally TONS of work to do. The whole floor has to be removed in it’s entirety, because it’s crooked and just bad quality. One non-main wall has to be toroughly repaired (brought back to vertical and clamped) and a few repairs here and there, wich will make a lenghty process before I can populate the space with tools.


It’s my own real workshop. Bigger than many makerspaces, and it only has to hold a single person, wich is a plus. XD

And that’s pretty much it. The workshop renovation will be thoroughly documented, so expect updates on that from time to time.

Nixie out!

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