Planned Obsolescence can kiss my ass.

So, my trusty cordless drill last battery just died. It was not bad, but also, not a brand name model, so I just could not get new batteries for it. BUT, I do have spare Li-Po batteries, so, it’s brain swap time!
First, remove the old 18650 batteries and faulty electronics and connect the Li-Po instead.

Add black hot glue for that professional look:

Some rotary sanding will take care of the tight fit in the handle:

But the battery will still not fit all the way, so an extension is modeled to be attached to the old clip-latch endcap. To model it, the angle is extracted with a curved calliper:

And the shape is photograped and imported into Fusion360:

Finally, add some bling:

Print and fit:

Some more black hot glue (oozing to be cut after it’s cold. Also both surfaces were rough, so adhesion should be excellent):

Photo Finish!

Surely it’s more unwieldy than the original, but it’s better than having a useless battery dead tool, right?

See ya!

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