The art of packaging (VI): Dishware

So, we had to send some disc shaped boards full of sensitive leds. Using conventional bubble wrap bags was out of the question because the boards have protruding faston connectors, and the manager was pondering a solution for a while. This, then, was my moment to shine bright like a pulsar (you thought diamond, did you?).

Some time ago, I tried to push for a simple box packaging that would hold the boards in place using nothing but the rack-like foams I cut with the Guitar Hero. My manager allowed me to do one proof of concept:


What happened next, was 33% faith, 33% self confidence and 34% luck:

So, I showed the manager and the sales rep the box with three boards in it. (spacers have been hot glued). They were unsure about it, so, with the box opening pointing towards them, I started to shake the box vigorously side to side and up and down, and the boards didn’t even nottice. But still they weren’t convinced, so, without a second thought, I let the box point downward (wide open) and started to shake it vertically like there was no tomorrow. Yup, that sold the idea to them without further questioning.

The luck part? Well, once I got back to my table with the box, the boards had slided a bit, so had I shaked it some more, they might have fallen off. ^^U!

But they didn’t, so, I won.


Now add some foam on top so the boards can’t move at all (even if you didn’t add it, the boards can’t move enough to slide off their mounts)



And off they go!


Unlike Alanis Morisette, my model does not abide to any man. (ahem, ahem) still, the name was fitting.

So, apart from the winged mechanism, this is what I have been up to:


Fully articulated spine “reinforcement” (wich didn’t reinforce a thing, it’s just a fashion accesory) for a Steampunk Fair. (Eurosteamcon 2015)

Apart from the M3 balls and the axles, everything was machined or cut @ home. 28.5 hours of machining in it. I even developed a technique to make room temperature ball joints at home.

See it in it’s full range of movement, it’s hipnotic!

A very collaborative model allowed the pieces to be adhered directly to her skin:

attachment 001

A different angle:

attachment 002

Unfortunately, I ended up with a schedule so tight I just had time to machine, no photos of the process or step by step or anything. Altough it’s basic machining and reaming. The interesting bit, (the ball joints) will have it’s own post.

Here’s how cool it looked:


Another shot with my secondary model:


Also, one with both the spinal prop and the fairy wing mechanism:


The art of packaging (V): Babel II

Just because you can, you should:

Babel 2

I just had 5 minutes to stack and dismantle everything (and I had even more pieces I was unable to put on top) so the tower leaned a bit just as I had finished. As I was going to grab my bicycle blinking light to put it on top as if it was a skyscraper, the tower fell on me, so I didn’t had time to take a photo, but luckily, my manager did.

Yeah, I still have too much fun at work. XD!