Once again, here are some internet thingies I have collected:

Nice try, have seen better, have seen worst:
092b - Internets

Kinda reminds me of Matrix’s spiders:
092a - Internets

Deadbug or not deadbug, that is the question:
092c - Internets

Cordwood construction board…yeah, easily repairable.
092d - Internets

Random microchip photo:
092e - Internets

8Gb against 64bit magnetic core section:
092f - Internets


Edible electronics 2

A friend of mine just sent me this:


I might do some 2N3904 chocolate transistors for the next Maker Faire ^_^ (and probably give them away with a resistor color test)

Edible electronics

I have many interests, RC, micromechanics, clothing (I have my own 100 years old sewing machine, don’t mess with me XD ), you can count almost anything around creative building/crafting. This time, I was fooling around with gummy bears and I asked myself…can I make a giant edible led?

Of course I can!

024 - Giant edible led

As a first experiment, it’s not that bad. Details on it’s fabrication on another post! (camera died)