The silence of the lamps.

Sooo…what have I been up to? Well, pretty busy, actually.

(in no particular order):


Been playing with FUSION 360. Surprisingly easy to begin with, altough as like any other CAD/CAM software, you can get easily lost on advanced projects.

Also, its free for hobbyists, so, a no brainer.



Why play with fusion? Well, finally managed to use the cnc router I had bought two years ago.

It has limits, especially compared against my manual milling machine, but can work 6061 aluminium easily, wich should be enough for many things.


Time Machine:

Been buildingĀ a sputtering rig to deposit thin film metals and other substances in interesting substrates.



As much as I hate coding, since I spend 14h in a train every other weekend, I have managed to get used to fire Mplab and feel comfortable around it.



No, not sporting, I still much prefer bicicles and running, thanks. I meant making boxes.



Been investigating my new living place with my girlfriend, and found tons of abandonalia to visit.

I even opened a new blog to track every lost place I can get around to. (And some industrial bits and boobs)


So…been doing things, just not feeling about writing anything down, however, now that I own a more powerful smartphone, I can blog from mostly anywhere, wich makes my life easier, as for to keep blogging, because even if noone reads it, its a good mental exercise.

See you soon!


You light me up

When all I see is darkness…


You all know that leds are going to replace almost every lighting source. However, what you might not know, is how led packages are going to be when the time comes.
Forget about through hole, that is something from the past as power goes. Chips have gone beyond plcc and flat packs down to ceramic backs and silicone lenses, however, even there, you can still see no end to the race.

I usually work with Rebel leds, easy to identify and swap, no hassle:

Then came Cree (and similar squared) leds, a real pain in the ass most of the time, as they usually make for a difficult +A/-K identification, but still serviceable:


But recently…I saw this prototype @ work…and it’s insane, I tell you:

xx2 - Upcoming power ledsThat’s 1/6th of a rebel led!…and easily 1/4th of a cree…

Oh, and some more bad news, if that was not enough. Manufacturers will drop the protection diode to reduce led cost/pricing, so handling leds will be even more ESD dangerous than it is now. It will make for very unfunny and common led repairs, I’m sure of that.