Primitive-ish Technology.

Apart from being the name of the most awesome chanel in Youtube, this is what can happen if left to my own devices without supervision:

In a post-apocalyptic world, when all knowledge is lost, if I ever arrive to an abandoned SMT lab, I can always make survival tools to puzzle everyone who finds my corpse.




The art of packaging (V): Babel II

Just because you can, you should:

Babel 2

I just had 5 minutes to stack and dismantle everything (and I had even more pieces I was unable to put on top) so the tower leaned a bit just as I had finished. As I was going to grab my bicycle blinking light to put it on top as if it was a skyscraper, the tower fell on me, so I didn’t had time to take a photo, but luckily, my manager did.

Yeah, I still have too much fun at work. XD!

Confessions of a serial cooker

-I fry PCB’s for a living.


145 - Confessions of a serial cooker

Hot air gun, copper disc for heat distribution and a thin FR4 board…what can go wrong? Especially when the heat control of said airgun is proximity adjusting to the disc with cardboard sheets.

You know, sometimes I wonder what of the things I do [like this] are a normal practice on other companies or it’s just mine (mine in the form of  “whomever pays me for having fun at work“). I have coworkers that have been in bigger companies, who say this is NOT normal in so many ways, that they wonder how in hell the company still works…but also I have other friends who work in the repair industry and they tell some scary stories, but individually, they only tell one or two at most…

And my imaginary friends just, well…keep their opinions to themselves.


This is just getting silly…

096 - Microleds
Yup, that’s my thumb, and those are v-scoring lines.

Client ordered 200 individual leds, to wich we have to solder cables, so they can prototype linear light sources without engineering fees. That’s 6x8mm aprox…grmfls…
I’ll have to devise some form of subjection for the poor soul ho gets the job of soldering them.

096b - Microleds