So, I was making these spacers to align some boards into an adhesive backing and I would like to point out that if you ever do something like this, you MUST NOT lathe the recess using the hexagonal body of the spacer. If you do, they (lathed part and center of rotation of the screw) will be very misaligned (up to 0.5mm).

Use, instead, a screw wrapped in copper foil to attach it to the chuck, then lathe away until you achieve the desired diameter. (2.52/50 in those). Also, be careful to make shallow passes or you might bend the screw and mess up something.

(yeah, not much electronics lately, I know. Just wait for it, I’m preparing something really cool, continuing a previous project)


Al dente.

Have you ever tasted ROHS pasta?

059a - Al Dente 001

All hail the “pasta spacer”!

I was told by one of our most experienced girls that this is a technique widely used around to keep good board clearance. It’s so AWE-SOME!

I mean, pasta is a lot cheaper than plastic spacers, and also, once you have soldered the component, it is easily broken with pliers, leaving a nice and repeatable clearance.