This is the end
Hold your breath and count to ten
Feel the earth move and then
Hear my heart burst again


For this is the end
I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment
So overdue I owe them
Swept away, I’m stolen


Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together


Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together
At skyfall
That skyfall


Skyfall is where we start
A thousand miles and poles apart
Where worlds collide and days are dark
You may have my number, you can take my name
But you’ll never have my heart


Let the sky fall (let the sky fall)
When it crumbles (when it crumbles)
We will stand tall (we will stand tall)
Face it all together


Let the sky fall (let the sky fall)
When it crumbles (when it crumbles)
We will stand tall (we will stand tall)
Face it all together
At skyfall

This is the end…

Or…is it not?

A story ends…a new stage begins…

I will soon be moved off from production to become a SMD machinist. I’ll be heading towards controlling not one but three SMT assembly lines. I have no fear in me from long workdays and odd hours, but I keep wondering what will happen to me. Will anything from the old me remain when the training is over and I’m on my own?

As said, I have no fear, but I do contemplate the fact that I might burn up quickly. I’m not sure my bosses take that into account.

I haven’t chosen the song lightly either. When it says we will “face it all together”, it’s because as long as I’m able, I am going to keep a journal, both in video and text, of what it is to become a machinist, what do you do, what do you learn, and if I burn up, you’ll see my fall.

On the other hand, I wonder if my new boss fully understands what he’s got with me. He hasn’t done any interviews, as I have been just hand picked. He barely knows me, just that I like machines, machining, electronics and stuff…but that I also don’t see my bosses as superiors but as equals.

If I see something wrong, I say so. I will always spoke my mind. I will also work more like a robot than a human (I don’t drink coffee, I don’t smoke, so I don’t loose time in nonsense. I like efficiency above everything else, and I don’t waste my time at work, or if I do it, it is in a fully approved way by the A.S. Enrichment Center).

It is interesting because I am going to apropriately meet him in a road trip across the country to get the machines. I don’t know if sitting in a car for 10 hours with your future boss is the best way of being introduced to someone.

Also, he doesn’t know that this is a reverse job interview. He doesn’t have to like me as a worker, I have to like him as a boss, otherwise I’ll pass the offer along to the next coworker who is adequate for the job. I’m not sure either where this self assurance comes. I know the job must meet some basics like let me play around, document things, carry my bag-o-tools, mount my own boards, use the tools for my personal projects, etc…plus some extras I plan to add to better fit the job timetable to my needs. Basically I don’t especially need more money (altough I could use it for something, sure.) and I don’t need being stressed, yelled, forced to overtime and work outside a normal job envelope. And since I don’t need that, I feel free to say no if all that doesn’t come with a set of bonuses and benefits as big as a mountain, apart from the money, I mean.

Of course there are still posts to be written (and some drafts to be published too) about the laser, the CNC router and if I ever finish the 3D printer, that too.

Because of too much KSP, I just feel like going too fast in a reentry…



Diogenes syndrome at its best:

Do you see anything interesting in this board?


When all is said and done…I do!



I use them all the time for many things. On top, spring loaded supports, below, an improvised L-shaped support. Milling is good enough to accept that as a reliable 90ยบ bend.
Also, sanding, drilling and cutting give you a vast array of tooling for support, extraction and whatnot on your daily technical life.


Flip the finger.

Beautiful, beautiful control panels…

…from Hell:

control panel 001

Not understanding why?

Here, take a look at the stuff wich nightmares are made of:

control panel 002

So, what is this? It’s a “finger” control board (half of it, I’m afraid I didn’t pic the second unit). And what is a “finger”? it’s the ramp you use in airports to directly acces the planes from the boarding gate.

And why on earth did I broke open pandora’s box?

SQ29 was rattling in it’s hole, breaking a cable (after some years, since we don’t use this very much). Also, Km19 had it’s steam broken more than eight years ago, and since I had to repair something, I managed to angrily convince the manager to allow me to repair both. (he dared to try NOT allowing me to repair KM19).

Not much else to say, it’s just cables and tons of connectors to test a relay board.

Handle with care.

So, I’m a bit busy preparing things for Eurosteamcon 2015, NOT playing KSP, altough I’d prefer that to what I’m doing in lieu of having more fun.

Tooling, tooling, tooling…it’s fun and laughs until an hybrid board comes along:


The aluminium backing acts as heatsink, but the FR4 board holding everything is just 0,6mm…wich breaks easily.

So, how do you test that thing?

Spongebob squarepants’s cousin at your service!


Some adhesive copper film with small cables, a simple selector (circuit pins are just GND – RED – GREEN – BLUE) and there you go. It’s flimsy, will break, but had to do it in like 10 minutes, don’t you dare ask more from me in that timeframe.
Yes, I was picky enough to actually solder the correct colored cables to the pads, because of OCD reasons. XD!

Also, wtf I’m doing for eurosteamcon? some automaton ladies:

More like this, with changes, will be adhered to the whole spine of the girl.

This and some more things are taking all my free time (that is, the one where I’m not actually procrastinating). I’ll keep you posted (as if you could stop me! XD )

There, I fixed it! (II)

So, a small piece of plastic broke in the scoring machine:


It’s just a limiter, but we fiddle with it a few times each day, so it is not surprising (to me, cos I’m the only one who really knows the ins and outs of the machine) that it broke. I had already changed the set screw for a levered one, so I didn’t need a tool to adjust cutting depth. Basically, this machine is made to be set once in a loong while, and leave it alone.

And thus, we where waiting for the replacement part…but it’s been three weeks since, and enough is enough:

This is NOT a shark bite. XD!

Since I made the piece at work, and didn’t had infinite time to do it, it’s a bit…well…that’s the best I could do AT work. (It’s fun when you can do better metalworking at home than at work, it makes life weird).

Anyhow, here’s the temporary piece:


It sort of works, altough we’re not cutting aluminium boards, just in case.

Abrade me (Tools you might not know II )

Continuing with the special tool posts, customer changed a nut diameter (from 19 to 18mm) so I had to abrade a spanner to make it fit.

Eat metal, bitch!


Yup, that’s more like it.

I even had time to surface finish it to a nice brushed texture so it won’t scrape the anodized layer.

Aaaand it fits!


As you can see, it’s a metal nut over a plastic fitting, so not much torque is involved.