Handmade HVAC parts.

In the course of my investigations in high vacuums, I have found myself fabricating one or more pieces wich I either could not find, or where utterly expensive. As I was at it, I made more than what I needed, and thought I could sell them, mostly for fun and help other people.

Pricings listed on each item are negotiable (I can always increase the price, you know).

1/4 SAE to M8 (with o-ring seat).

When I was using the refrigeration pump, everything came with SAE connectors, however, machining a female seat for those is a nightmare I didn’t even try. Instead I decided on building a metric adaptor with seal, as a much more friendly way of connecting things.
This is a male-male adaptor with one side re-machined into M8. Includes VITON seal.

PRICE: 15€ + shipping (avaliable)


KF-16 glass isolator.

Since my plates are at potential, if I simply connect the pump, I risk damaging the driver, the motor, the pump itself or worse, myself. Given that, I need an isolator for the vacuum line. Ceramic isolators are utterly expensive, and glass isolators are not cheap either. I have found one supplier, but at 70€ + shipping, looks a bit on the expensive side. No secondhand units have been found
(Price is for a tested glass tube+teflon rings, no clamps or seals)

PRICE: 40€ + shipping (backorder)

KF-16 rotary actuator.

(In project)
This one is a peregrine idea. Since I don’t want to use magnets, or magnetic force inside the vacuum chamber, but I’ll neeed some form of shutter to sputter different materials or shield areas/objects, I want to try to build something like this. I plan to make it as simple as possible, so it is as “cheap” as it can be.

PRICE: Go figure. XD



KF-16 needle valve for micro gas injection.

Haven’t found anything affordable like this either. If you want to allow small gas quantities in your sistem, depending on a ball valve, looks like it will be fiddly at least.
Blog Post about it.

PRICE: 95€ + shipping (made to order)