Feliç Sant Jordi!

Catalonia has this festivity, St. George & the dragon, where it is traditional to gift roses to women, and books to men. However, I like to receive roses instead, because I already have and buy plenty of books, and I’m a very complicated person to gift.

I have this habit of making a rose in the 24hour period of the festivity, no previous planning allowed. When I have had a girlfriend, purpose was clear, at the times when I don’t have one, I usually gift it to any pretty woman I encounter in the street (no contact data is ever transfered, just the rose).

This year however, I decided that since I like being given roses, I would make this one for me, because I can.

And this is what I came out with:


A punch card from 1982, with a more or less accurate representation of “@}-\—“. with 9×40 pixels I wasn’t able to come with something better, as I am not an artist, but for the sake of the concept, this is enough for me.

I had to do some concessions, like using two numbers “per pixel” to get them more square, and couldn’t figure the exact separation of the numbers, so holes are a bit offset at the end, still, acceptably enough for “art”. (btw, I did the “punching” with laser).

Zoom in…

…find the fail.

where the fuck

You don’t get anything, but that’s the same I get @ work, satisfaction. I wonder, who has that kind of stupidal facial expression while using power tools? XD

Also, in the same board series, befriending resistors:

Hey there

And a military version, you know…with camo resistors:



The last metalbender

What to do when you find one of your big-ass heatsinks, wich already has attached an expensive led board, has bent fins?

You un-bend-it!

The last metalbender 002

Use two aluminium plates to avoid damage by scrapping, then, wedge with lateral movement a phillips screwdriver.

The last metalbender 003

There  you go (white dots in the slot are just residue from scrapping the sacrificial plates).

The last metalbender 004


Little big heatsinks

Can you build 30 of these? (it’s a miniature heatsink, with support for 10mm lightpipe)


Yup, I can:

Radiators 001

Radiators 002

Radiators 003

Radiators 004

Radiators 005

Radiators 006

Aaaand, done:

It’s missing the horizontal cutting step to actually release each independent mini-heatsink, but it was just the same as the process to do the upper slot.


Also a photo of it installed and wired:

Radiators 007