Fucking fuck of fucks!

And that can ruin your day pretty quickly, dear lads.


Stack Overflow

This is what happens when everything is set up wrong:


Incorrect nozzle, bent pcb, excess puff-off, basically, the nightmare before christmas.

And if you think that’s bad, check this other one out:


Most of the circumstances escaped either my control (I’m forced to use that particular nozzle, can’t do much about the bent pcb) or my expertise (puff-off is a bit of magick trick, requires lots of experience)

Well, I’ll do better next time /laughs, then cries/


We’re DOoMED!

Happy new year and all that shit one is supposed to say today. Let’s hope 2016 is as weird as 2015 was.

And talking weird, this led:


It has quite an artistic appeal, and I would keep it for me if it wasn’t for the led (and full populated board) high price.

Also, another one:


Yeah, I think they’re a domed* version of this led.

*got the tittle pun? XD


Some time ago, I mentioned some weird led packagings that we would be seeing in the future…

Well, the future is now, more or less:


If you’re not surprised yet, just watch this:


I mean, this is almost the absolute minimum, bar making the ceramic substrate thinner.
In the race for material efficiency, whe’re reaching really absurd heights.