Feliç Sant Jordi!

Catalonia has this festivity, St. George & the dragon, where it is traditional to gift roses to women, and books to men. However, I like to receive roses instead, because I already have and buy plenty of books, and I’m a very complicated person to gift.

I have this habit of making a rose in the 24hour period of the festivity, no previous planning allowed. When I have had a girlfriend, purpose was clear, at the times when I don’t have one, I usually gift it to any pretty woman I encounter in the street (no contact data is ever transfered, just the rose).

This year however, I decided that since I like being given roses, I would make this one for me, because I can.

And this is what I came out with:


A punch card from 1982, with a more or less accurate representation of “@}-\—“. with 9×40 pixels I wasn’t able to come with something better, as I am not an artist, but for the sake of the concept, this is enough for me.

I had to do some concessions, like using two numbers “per pixel” to get them more square, and couldn’t figure the exact separation of the numbers, so holes are a bit offset at the end, still, acceptably enough for “art”. (btw, I did the “punching” with laser).


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