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This is what happens when everything is set up wrong:


Incorrect nozzle, bent pcb, excess puff-off, basically, the nightmare before christmas.

And if you think that’s bad, check this other one out:


Most of the circumstances escaped either my control (I’m forced to use that particular nozzle, can’t do much about the bent pcb) or my expertise (puff-off is a bit of magick trick, requires lots of experience)

Well, I’ll do better next time /laughs, then cries/


X-Ray Thursday: Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard

As far as I can remember, I have always desired a foldable keyboard. In my childhood movies, they where always beside sci-fi hackers, distopic heroes and post-future tech.

The stuff of my dreams was a Palm foldable keyboard, with it’s interlocking keys and compact box-look when folded. However, having one for my tablet would have involved hacking I’m not capable of at the moment, and of wich I’m not particularly interested either. Ruling that option out, I just went with an aluminium foldable keyboard that seems to be all the rage right now on ebay, aliexpress and similar. Not only was a third the cost, but also I actually want to type with this thing, so the looks factor is not that important.


Here’s a non xray look at it:



Sometimes I wonder if I should change the blog’s name to “The Electromechanical Mercenary”, mostly because I keep doing things like this:



Those were developed in just under one and a half weeks, so they should count only as prototype. I am preparing a fancier version with hollow axles on all gears, better pneumatic mechanical advantage and overall higher quality in design, mostly because I can, but also to show-off at Eurosteamcon 2016


Some more shots of the beautiful model that wore it:


This is my wallpaper for the time being:


Lastly, the blue in the wings is high quality automotive reflective tape, so you must avoid taking pictures with flash, or this will happen: